1. 求推荐讲中文的医生,walk in或者Family Doc都可以

    Dr. Wu. female. college square medical center. college square lablows. 1980 Baseline Rd, 613 224-6606
  2. 我想找个会讲中文的家庭医生,麻烦大家推荐一个!谢谢

    try Dr. Wu. female. college square medical center. lablows 旁. 1980 Baseline Rd, 613 224-6606
  3. 真心请教颈椎病治疗!

  4. 女足世界杯

    June 26 可能性小于渥太华
  5. 女足世界杯

    中国队要是在A组第三,而且比C,D组第三成绩要好,就能来Ottawa. 加拿大队一样。中国队可能性更大一些。
  6. 女足世界杯

    B组第一应该是德国. if china or canada finishes the third best performing team among Groups ACD, then china or canada would be playing german in ottawa on june 20. big game either way!!!
  7. 女足世界杯
  8. 女足世界杯 Groups will have access to discounted prices with the purchase of 21 or more Lansdowne Stadium Individual Match Tickets. Group orders allows your group to sit and cheer together!A limited quantity of discounted Individual Match Tickets are available in price categories 2, 3 and...
  9. 女足世界杯

    大家有deal 吗?没人去看吗. june 20 is the only day China or Canada could be playing in ottawa.
  10. 天朝已经使用无人机快递送货了
  11. (转贴):中国式上访,已正式输出到美国

    Shooting of Timothy Stansbury The shooting of Timothy Stansbury occurred in New York City on January 24, 2004. Stansbury was an unarmed 19-year-old New York City man who was shot and killed by New York Police Department Officer Richard...
  12. 华裔支持梁警官!为他在白宫民意网站*WE THE PEOPLE签名请愿!

    100,219 now. thanks everyone. what we can do is done, good luck Mr. Liang! we stand beside you, hand by hand.
  13. 华裔支持梁警官!为他在白宫民意网站*WE THE PEOPLE签名请愿!

    事发公寓是政府福利房, CITY 管理不善 “The lights are always out, for the past three years,” said Angela Moore, who shakes her keys in the hallway so people can hear her coming. “It’s like a dark tube.” “Work doesn’t get done...