1. 最近有什么活动吗?请联系。

    Why don't we take an initiative to organize some activities? I am interested in hiking and many other activities. How about you?
  2. Seeking a nice lady for marriage

    ... ...
  3. 近几个世纪最亮彗星将于11月露脸,有人有兴趣一起看吗?

    Interesting ... We need to go to the suburb to observe, I guess.
  4. 请教有COSTCO AMEX卡的同学

    You need costco membership card + debit card, if you do not have costco Am Ex credit card.
  5. 成人法语班

    Thank you!
  6. 求教 车子回国放置三个月 回来打不着火 是没电了吗

    It is quite normal that the car cannot start after three months’ of no using. Especially in hot summer and cold winter, the battery can be dead within a week or even a couple of days without recharging. In some areas in north Russia, during the coldest days, the cars are always left running.
  7. 成人法语班

    Thanks to everyone for such useful info!
  8. 求教 车子回国放置三个月 回来打不着火 是没电了吗

    Call CAA for s boost if you have a membership, or call a friend if you have a boost cable.
  9. 请教个问题,从加拿大到国内城市,在北京转机时需要自己转行李吗

    You have to claim your baggage at Beijing Airport, and clear the customs there. Also, ask service people at Beijing Airport to confirm when you arrive.
  10. 朋友们多联系

    Where are you located? Please send QQH.
  11. 想去蒙特利尔的Botanical Garden~

    Is the Montreal Botanical Garden good??
  12. 找人一起跑步,锻炼身体

    Where are you located? Please reply in QQH.