1. 精华 [请求] 毕业生找工作调查[公告]

    and one more question, which job is prefered and popular in few years? i means that what kind of major we could choose at university.
  2. [寻找]car for road test

    thank you very mcuh for your guys's suggestions. they are really helpful! i think i will try my best to find some way to acheive my goal including your methods. i really appreciate it. tks again!! happy everyday~ ;-)
  3. [寻找] pingpong place

    does anyone know the place where can play pingpong? the more close to carleton, the better is.thank you!!
  4. [寻找]car for road test

    actually you know what, i am going to borrow the car for the test to get G2. if like your said, how could these people who just hold the G1 to get G2 withour car? i am not going to drive for fun. i rent it for driving test, of course , there is an instructor next to me. do you know what i mean...
  5. [寻找]car for road test

    i just rent for one hour driving. i trust my skills. i already drived the car for one year in china and i also went to driving school here. so i do not think i will damage the car. but if there is an accident, i will take responsible of it. do not worry about it too much. thank you for...
  6. [寻找]car for road test

    我想借车去考G2,但是本人的情况比较特殊,我觉得8月底考试比较晚了一些,所以现在我可以每天得去排队等候,有谁CANCLE的话,我就可以去考试,机会比较大,所以不确定具体时间.有谁的汽车活动性比较大,案POSSIBLE FOR ME TO RENT FOR ROAD TEST. I WILL PAY A GOOD PRICE.我的电话号码是(613)2669819 or (613)8585478, looking for rebecca! thank you! or you can by
  7. 二手Double size 床垫

  8. 一个不错的单人床哦!~

    do you have a picture about this bed?
  9. 小型,轻便家具出售

  10. 八 成 新 三 人 沙 发 出 售 。