1. Craig Henry 双车库独立屋出租 (4房3卫)

    渥太华 Craig Henry 2500 尺 (close to Algonquin College) 双车库独立屋出租 (4房3卫), 2020年8月1日起. 有兴趣者请联系 613-226-4026 or anniezhu99@gmail.com.
  2. Craig Henry 双车库独立屋出租 (4房3卫)

    渥太华 Craig Henry 2500 尺 (close to Algonquin College) 双车库独立屋出租 (4房3卫). 有兴趣者请联系 613-720-7903 or anniezhu99@gmail.com
  3. 有没有多伦多大学的学生一起寻找/分租房子?

    Please contact anniezhu3@yahoo.com
  4. 寻找 after school to learn Chinese in Chapman Mills area (Barrhaven)

    小孩就读 Chapman Mills Public School, Barrhaven,请问有没有人提供 after school program to learn Chinese? 请联系 anniezhu3@yahoo.com or 613-226-4026,谢谢!
  5. 寻找 After School for learning Chinese in Barrhaven area

    I am looking for an After School progrom to learn Chinese for my grade 2 daughter in the Chapman Mills Public School of Barrhaven area. Please contact me: anniezhu3@yahoo.com or 613-226-4026. Thanks.
  6. TV - Sony Real Projection for free

    46" Sony, rear projection television. Remote control included. If you are interested in it, please contact anniezhu6@yahoo.com
  7. 46 inch Sony projector TV for free

    46 inch Sony projector TV for free (fully functioning). If anyone is interested in it, please email anniezhu3@yahoo.com
  8. Does anyone know MS Sharepoint 2007?

    Does anyone know Sharepoint 2007? How to use its tool such as InfoPath and connect Nintex 2007 workflow? Please email to anniezhu3@yahoo.com if you have some info. Thanks.
  9. 有关父母移民的资料

    谢谢各位答复! 开始申请时(第一次交表格), 我的出生公证书应该交过。 但这次是给父母(applicant)填表格(第二次)。因此不明白要提交另外的亲属关系公证 还是我的出生公证书?
  10. 有关父母移民的资料

    我刚收到移民局来信 - 要提交有关父母移民的资料 (have waited over 3 years for sponsorship parents). 我不是很明白 "submit proof of relationship showing you are the parent of your sponsor in Canada". 是不是可以用我的出生公证书(10年前我办理移民时准备的)来证明父母和我的关系? 请明白人指教, 谢谢!
  11. Carpool offer Ottawa <-> Toronto <-> Waterloo (Apr 29)

    Ottawa <-> Toronto <-> Waterloo ( Friday, April 29), 8:00am (flexible) Waterloo <-> Toronto <-> Ottawa (Sat, April 30), 12:00pm (flexbile) one way $30, and round trip $50. Please call: 613-440-1180
  12. 卖儿童木床80元 ,小孩车座35元 ,三轮小车--20元了! 儿童小推车--35元 了!小孩车座.75元新的!

    I am interested in your toddler carseat. Could you please let me know if the carseat is still available? You can reach me at anniezhu3@yahoo.com or call 613-946-5064. Thanks.
  13. Carpool offer: Waterloo/Toronto ---> Ottawa (Sep 5)

    Sept 5 (Sunday), Waterloo (from University of Waterloo) or Toroton (Scarbrough Town Center or Fairview Mall) ---> Ottawa One way: $25 If you are interested, please call 613-899-8878
  14. 搬家卖宜家床架,婴儿床,澡盆,儿童三轮车

    儿童三轮车 我想要儿童三轮车. 谢谢。 I went to 2861 Baycrest last week, but found it is a building. May I have your appt number if the bike is still available? You can reach me anniezhu3@yahoo.com Thanks.
  15. 求购1岁孩子用的carseat

    哪位妈妈有闲置的carseat (1岁以上的孩子用的), 请电 Annie: 613-226-4026. 谢谢!