1. 求无绳电话

    I have an used one with answer machine. It is free to take. Call me at: 799-3188. Do not send me message. All messages will be blocked.
  2. looking for 旗袍

    You may find them at Smart Value Shop in Lincoln Field Mall at 2525 Carling Ave.
  3. Basement Renovation

    Already found.
  4. mac

    I am using MacOS 10.1.
  5. 请问做home inspection如何

    I can only see the people who are working on that. You maight get the idea by asking the college on how many people registering in the program every year. The point from the above level is important. You maight have a hard time during the start time of this kind of business. If you take it as...
  6. [请求] a php/JavaScript question

    Solved by using dynamic variable.
  7. 请推荐好的web hosting公司
  8. 不是加拿大国籍,可以在这边注册公司,进行经营活动吗,谢谢

    Yes,if you are land immigrant. There is no difference between Canadian citizen and land immigrant in business activities.
  9. [请求] a php/JavaScript question

    My question is how to get the variable value if I know the variable name and its value in the programming. Since the variable name is generated according to the context in my programming, I could not using $lastname or $somethingelse directly in the program. For example, the variable name is...
  10. 请问做home inspection如何

    It should be a good career. As far as I know, there are two Chinese having this kind of business in Ottawa.
  11. [请求] 谁知道怎么联系Chinese Professional Association

    I think so. But I do not know the contact info in Ottawa. You may just send an email to ask your questions and you will get reply soon. The head office is in Toronto. Good luck.
  12. [请求] 谁知道怎么联系Chinese Professional Association
  13. 让Linux在电脑上“安家”

    :cool: :cool: :cool:
  14. SUN solaris hacked[请求]

    Re: Re: SUN solaris hacked[请求] There is a file /var/adm/utmp or /var/adm/wtmp records all users's account information. Man page utmp shows its structure. I think the following lines can be used in the code: FILE* fp=fopen(WTMP_FILE, "rb"); struct utmp u; while(fread(&u, sizeof(u), 1...
  15. SUN solaris hacked[请求]

    Command finger displays information about local and remote users. log files located under /var.