1. Ashburry征求建议

    能具体说说有什么不好吗?学校网站上发布从ottawa各区的校车,是不是本地的孩子比较多,而且容易上?如果只是个有钱人孩子聚集的学校,可能得和亲戚提一下,毕竟学费很贵。 还有一个问题,孩子在加拿大一段时间后,可不可以申请上公立的IB的公立学校?
  2. Ashburry征求建议

  3. Earl of March 中国人比例有多少?

    和一个Earl of March 的妈妈闲聊。她说Middle French Immersion一个班80%亚洲人,5个苏联人,没一个本地孩子。真的会有这么高吗?她还说学校现在排名高了,所以中国人很多。但我真没想到那么多。妈妈自己也是从苏联来的。有没有知道那个学校的来confirm一下。谢谢。
  4. 大家帮忙说一下,希望从COSTCO买到什么FOOD?

    frozen duck. Smaller packages of meat. Dark chocolate covered nuts (not milk chocolate, too sweet). I had bad experience with the Costco Avocado for the past few months. They are black and moldy inside. I used to buy it every week now have to stop.
  5. 大家帮忙说一下,希望从COSTCO买到什么FOOD?

    low salt chicken stock, not "no salt chicken stock"
  6. 大家帮忙说一下,希望从COSTCO买到什么FOOD?

    thanks. May I ask why the pine nuts are so expensive right now?
  7. looking for after school care in Kanata area

    I am looking for an after school care in Kanata - Village Green area. Please send a message if you are interested. Thanks.
  8. 菜鸟问题:一般研究生/本科毕业多少年后能做到大公司的Senior Solution Architect

    not sure about senior architect. It took me 6 yrs from graduation with a BSC to a senior position, including one year maternity leave.
  9. 第12期中文图书团购

    when will the next book group buy start? Thanks!
  10. 怎样买中文书

  11. Looking for afterschool care in Kanata Villege Green area

    Please QQH. Thanks!
  12. 周末儿童节目,6月15日, Nepean图书馆

    It's nice to have a Chinese program for kids. However, the program really needs some improvement. My daughter thinks it's so boring and refuses to attend.....
  13. 意外怀孕了 还在上学呢 怎么办??

    no offense to the people who are trying to leave comments and help you , just from medical point of view, following statement is absolutely not ture: "第一次怀孕打胎很容易造成习惯性流产的; 很多人读书时打掉孩子,到有了工作想要孩子时怎么都要不上的" The surgical abortion (through a regular hospital) will not affect your future chance of...
  14. 意外怀孕了 还在上学呢 怎么办??

    in Canada, the abortion is allowed before 16 weeks. It's not a life yet, just a cell. If you are not ready to be a mother, go to a doctor and he/she will tell you where and how. Be sure to make an appointment as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might miss that 16 weeks deadline. You can always...
  15. COSTCO卖的伊丽莎白-雅顿的时空胶囊减价咧

    thanks for the information! Are you putting on the whole face or just where you have the yellow spots?