1. 好惨.解雇了

  2. 答CHRIS88说“请思考这个问题:为什么有大量伟大的科学家是虔诚的基督徒。而没有一个(!)伟大的科学家是佛教徒? ”

    Chris is an honest person! :cool::cool: I don't think religion / becoming scientist have to be related. Even if it does, it doesn't prove anything. Again, knowing God is by heart, not by trying to prove anything. That simply wouldn't help. Raising an arguement here will only lead...
  3. 答CHRIS88说“请思考这个问题:为什么有大量伟大的科学家是虔诚的基督徒。而没有一个(!)伟大的科学家是佛教徒? ”

    This makes more sense. Knowing God is by heart, not by reasoning and proving. By augueing, you never win.
  4. How is Rainbow Montessori daycare

    Visited before, not very impressed, too. Buildings are old and under a 高压线。 Run by Indian or middle eastern?
  5. 邻居欠我钱怎么办 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Now so many CFCer not treating you so nicely, do you really understand why?
  6. 谁还敢去Montessori school

    This CMA seem to be either India or Parkistan. BHMS principal seem to be Iran. Teachers are from everywhere. Problems lied in management.
  7. 谁还敢去Montessori school

    Canadian Montessori Academy closed 'indefinitely' http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/story/2012/07/24/ottawa-montessori-school-remains-closed.html?cmp=rss Feel really sad for the families who paid money to them and can't get it back now.
  8. 谁还敢去Montessori school

    Yes, that's the reason they have even tighter cash flow that before, and things start to happen.
  9. 谁还敢去Montessori school

    But last year similar time, similar things happen to another Montessori school. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/story/2011/05/31/ottawa-montessori-bishop-hamilton-closing.html As a parent, I think we should be very cautious about these private/ montessori schools, as they try to...
  10. 不明白为什么好多人都抢着还房贷,以mortgage free为荣

    不明白为什么不以MORTGAGE FREE为荣?
  11. Wing wireless sucks

    AGREE。 以前用他们家上网服务, 说无限制流量, 结果到下半月就给你断网, 打客服人家非说我看你一切正常啊,打几十个电话能恢复,恢复了一天再断网。 客服基本靠撒谎。 赶紧取消算完。
  12. 入籍宣誓如何申请延期?

    那你什么时候考试的呢? 考试跟宣誓中间隔了多久? 我觉得最好想法回来,因为CIC现在一天一变化,除非你也不大看重这个国籍。
  13. 方言祷告是怎么回事?

    版主说反话, 呵呵。 JOANNA只能听别人对她唱赞歌,听不得反对的,你一反对她就说你们怎么知道,只有主知道,你们均没权论断。 我更没涵养, 要我当了版主,所有。。。。等等乱七八的全删贴。