1. 最近有家具和五件电器团购吗?

  2. 白送<仓鼠> 两只<萌仓鼠>求好心人领养《已被预订》

  3. 红双喜2条, C$50/条

  4. 红双喜2条, C$50/条

  5. 红双喜2条, C$50/条

    contact with QQH or call 613-7961381
  6. 床垫团购 火速报名

    I need a queen size, please QQH detail.
  7. 购买棕床垫,有感兴趣的吗?( 结束了)

    要一个, Queen Size.
  8. 四季胎/夏季胎团购注册 All-season and Summer Tires Group buy registration

    How is this all-season tire group buy doing? Is it completed? When is the next one group buy for tire?
  9. Riverside south freehold townhouse for sale - great price Great investment opportunity. A co-worker is selling his house, speaking English only. Freehold townhouse below $300K. Original owner, carefully maintained. Priced low to give you lots of room to upgrade or just rent it out as is.
  10. 团长能不能搞个钢琴团购?

    last call: today is the cut off date. last call: today is the cut off date.
  11. 团长能不能搞个钢琴团购?

    group buy Both reader and 感觉不对 paid deposit on Saturday. If we add "wajo", that's 7 families now.
  12. 团长能不能搞个钢琴团购?

    up up
  13. 团长能不能搞个钢琴团购?

    Popup for one more time Saturday is the deadline.
  14. 团长能不能搞个钢琴团购?

    Group buy Mathew said there are 4 people gave the deposit. Johnson and Kanata_99 mentioned they were 2 of the 4. besides, "感觉不对", "reader", "wajo"(grand piano) will be the next three. Just wondering who else will join the group, please reply with post. It will end by this Saturday.