1. 有人玩枪么?

    Any one applied this club? Is it good and if they accept Quebec resident?
  2. 有人玩枪么?

    Any suggestions for a long range rifle scope size/brand? For shooting range/hunting 100~300 yards maybe.
  3. 有人玩枪么?

    Is it hard to reserve to go to those shooting ranges like in Stitsville? I heard from one of my colleague said we need to reserve place as it might be too late they get full easily.
  4. 有人玩枪么?

    I don't quite understand what you meant. I think it's normal pull of bolt action rifle:
  5. 有人玩枪么?

    Now I'm thinking of Sako trg 22. Sauer 404 is too much. I will get a Tikka hunting rifle afterwards like t3 series Is there some body hunting here? I'm in gatineau don't know if I can hunt in ON or resident in ON can hunt in quebec side?
  6. 有人玩枪么?

    SKS or Sauer 404?
  7. Apply PAL in Quebec

    Who wants to take the exam and apply PAL in (Gatineau/Hull) Quebec? Together? Sorry I couldn't find any where to post this. Here is the only place I can think of. Sorry I can only type english here.
  8. Desktop Memory $25

    Still available.
  9. $380 UN40EH5000FXZC Samsung LED Full HD TV

    Bought $580. 2.5 years old still plastic sealed.
  10. Desktop Memory $25

    Still available
  11. Desktop Memory $25

    Same as this one:
  12. Software Developer Tester

    - Account Executive/Software Sales - Automation Development Engineer in Test - Community Manager - Financial Assistant - Intermediate Web Application Developer - Support Software Developer (Junior) - Software Application Developer - System Administrator (Junior) - System...
  13. Software Developer Tester

    We have new opening jobs now!
  14. Software Developer Tester

    Now we are looking for testers. Qh me if interested.