1. Thai Express in Barrhaven is looking for a cashier/cook

    Looking for one Full-Time Cashier and cook. Must speak English. Good pay. Call: 613-890-8909
  2. samg


    Hello everyone! I have been in China for three years but my Chinese is still too bad! I have long felt that I am particularly powerful because the Chinese have always praised me but I know that I am not worthy of their praise. My Chinese level is the same as many CBCs. I already talk, but if I...
  3. Ottawa ESL Teacher

    My name is Lynn Sheppard and I am an English Teacher in downtown Ottawa available for all levels and ages. I am very close to the University of Ottawa. I can help you study for the IELST or similar tests. If you are interesting in private teaching please contact me at sheppard0524@gmail.com or...
  4. TestPreparation

    一对一西人老师高效辅导--IB 英语 ,雅思,托福,OSSLT, SAT,ACT, CanTEST, CAEL & CELPIP

    Test Preparation Services (TPS) 提供一对一高效辅导,线上/线下双重选择,我们有IB英语,雅思,托福,OSSLT, SAT,ACT, CanTEST, CAEL, PTE 和 CELPIP 外教老师,教学经验丰富如需详情请电 613-447-1622 或浏览 www.tpstests.com Test Preparation Services (TPS) provides one-on-one quality onsite/online tutorial. We have tutors for IB English, IELTS, TOEFL...
  5. ottawa2016


    Jason Wang MBA PMP CFA FRM Schulich商学院MBA, 前新东方GMAT/GRE、IELTS教师,资深GMAT/GRE、IELTS 考试和顶尖商学院申请辅导专家 加拿大最大英语学习讨论群群主 微信:jack53717 个人网站: http://jasonwangto.wixsite.com/gmat 2017年的GMAT考试出题方面的一个变化趋势,就是关于因果倒置选项出现多元化的现象。 因果倒置的选项对大部分同学来讲,尤其是初期备考的同学来讲相对陌生,因为这一类真题出现的数量少一点。...