1. 美甲店待售

    美甲店待售:市中心繁华地段,良好的收入,良好的员工。 请联系613-263-5462了解更多详情. Nails salon for sale: busy location in downtown, good income, good staffs. Please contact 613-263-5462 for more details. Thank you.
  2. ivonnesanchez

    NEW LOCATION: Ivonne Sanchez Beauty - 138 Sparks Street

    Keep watch in WeChat over the next 3 weeks! We are pleased to be running our ad campaign and introducing our services to the ComeFromChina community! Ivonne Sanchez Beauty is fast-growing beauty salon located at 138 Sparks Street. We specialize in: Acrylic Nails, Dip Nails and designs...