The mysterious natural phenomena wallpaper


Well known natural or nature, the material world, the universe and the natural world, is all matter and energy mainly in the form nature. "Nature" refers to the phenomena occurring in the physical world, and also to life in general prompted. Its scope covers from the subatomic level to large distances in the universe. In nature there are many strange phenomena, let's best hd wallpapers learn about strange things offline!

The sun is a phenomenon fake two, three or more "Sun" appeared at the same time, Sun is only one rest is illusion called false sun. Sun is brighter than the sun fake. The phenomenon occurs when the sun near the horizon, the sun is the author highlights on the edge. This astronomical phenomenon rare but mysterious but because all the ordinary optical phenomena, due to the light refraction of the crystals in the cloud of dust kicked aloft created.

Rainbow "twin" phenomenon is rare, but they are generally divided into 2 original offer separate rounds. The mystery of the phenomenon lies combination of the droplets with different sizes. Sometimes, two showers occur simultaneously. Meanwhile, the rain will have different sizes and generate slightly deformed rainbow. This combination rainbows would form the twin rainbows.

Striped impressive icebergs formed thousands of years ago, is now floating around Antarctica. Some stripes due to melting ice and frozen produce. Others were formed by earth and dust, while sliding on the ice slope. Striped iceberg with many different colors including yellow, brown, black wallpaper hd and blue.

In the evening at the mouth of Catatumbo, Venezuela, the sky often appeared about 150-200 flashes per minute but almost no accompanying thunder. Scientists call this phenomenon "Catatumbo lightning" or "manufacturing ozone oven" the world's largest, is formed by ozone (O3) is continuously produced by interaction of lightning with atmospheric oxygen, through the contact of the cold air mass from the Andes to the hot, humid air from the pool area nearby. Estimate this phenomenon occurs about 150 nights / year, most occur when high humidity environment.

One of the visible effects of gravity waves are alternating cloud model of the air space in between. Rotation of this line shows where air is rising and where sunk by waves. The phenomenon occurs because the air circulation vertically, usually as a result of air masses from the mountains or go down in big storms with lightning. This wave is only generated when air masses cornered in an "airbag" stable. Move upward momentum of the air mass in the airbag will cause changes in the atmosphere, altering flow dynamics. Then, motivated by the natural flow balance in the atmosphere, causing the oscillations can be seen with the naked eye in the cloud masses.

Giant boulders at Moeraki weigh several tons and usually has a diameter of more than 2m. Rocks have historically formed 65 million years ago. This is the result of the process of erosion and agglutination of the ancient mud from calcium and carbonate debris around at the bottom of the ocean, formed in seabed sediments similar to formation of pearls.

Interestingly, right? There are many other mysterious phenomena awaits us discover, install nature wallpaper hd on his computer to show your natural love, plus beautiful backgrounds not only to beautify the screen your but also help you to relax after hours of study and work stress, do not forget to share with your friends.