This weekend, Dance Drama "Seeking"


Performing time: October 20, 2:30 pm
Location: Canadian History Museum

Summary of the Story -- Seeking
Su Chin and his wife Dong Yin, both the inheritors of Wu School of Painting, lost their new-born
child Su Fei carelessly when sketching. Discovered and sent to a local orphanage, the baby was
later adopted by a Canadian couple James and Mary, renamed Chrystal and brought to Canada.
As Su Fei grew up, she showed a fine talent for painting and keen interest in Chinese arts. As a
result of her interest, and together with the knowledge of her adoption and the encouragement
of her Canadian parents, she went back to Shanghai, China for specialized study. Here she
encountered Li Wenrui, a young man who spoke a little English. He showed Su Fei around a
great number of ancient sites. With so many time spent together, the young people finally fell in
Since Su Chin and Dong Yin lost their child, they could not stop blaming themselves. Guilt and yearning imprinted
in their heart, they wondered her present appearance and tried to draw the grownup Su Fei through their imagination. One day, Su Fei and Li Wenrui came to Wuxi, a nearby city of Shanghai. Visiting a renowned bridge, they walked into a gallery. Their attention was called by a portrait of a girl, who showed much resemblance with Su Fei. They had no idea that the painter of the portrait was no other than Su Chin, the natural father of Su Fei. As the owner of the gallery, Su Chin narrated the story of his lost daughter. Then, Su Fei recognized the same blue jade pendant as the one she had been worn since childhood. She picked off her pendant for verification, and Su Chin found it was identical with their family heirloom. The family reunited. Su Chin and Dong Yin appreciated James and Mary's raising of Su Fei. Having found her natural parents, Su Fei decided to accept further study in China and carry forward Chinese arts. She invited her Canadian parents to her wedding with Li Wenrui.

Choreographer Peter Quanz:
Seeking 0.jpg

is an award-winning Canadian choreographer of international renown know for his groundbreaking choreographic collaborations in dance, in music, and in visual art. He manages duo leadership roles as Director of Q DANCE, a creative laboratory for new dance and as well as being an independent dance
maker. His diverse aesthetic encompasses classical and contemporary ballet, contemporary dance/theatre experiences, and classical Chinese dance. Cultural immersion is a significant component of Quanz' work and he is attracted to projects that offer opportunities to build international cooperation. Quanz has horeographed for dance companies, opera, and theatre, and has created ballets for some of the world's leading ballet companies. He has had commissions from the Mariinsky Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal, Hong Kong Ballet, the National Ballet of Cuba, and the National Ballet of Canada. Most recently, Quanz has delved into an extended research/creation process with Montreal Danse. This collaboration has been an odyssey into new creative streams as we develop as how experienced in the palm of your hand through personal mobile devices and which playfully animates our obsession with technology, Instant Community twists the manner we encounter each other. Quanz has also built exceptional collaborative relationships with several Chinese dance companies including the Guangzhou Ballet, Wuxi Song & Dance Theatre, and the Beijing Dance Academy. 2016 marks the sixth anniversary of Q DANCE with Quanz' continued dedication. The company has premiered 15 new creations, is enthusiastically received by audiences, and has garnered international praise from dance critics. Quanz finds deep satisfaction in coaching young dancers to discover and unlock their artistic potential.
In October 2011, the Buryatian National Ballet performed a programme of three of Quanz' ballets at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. For this collaboration he was awarded a State Medal in Literature and the Arts from the Republic of Buryatia,Russia. Currently Quanz is collaborating with visual artist, Dominique Rey, in a series of video installations involving dancers. A recipient of the Clifford E. Lee Award, Quanzhas been supported by grants
from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Manitoba Arts Council, the Winnipeg Arts Council, the Winnipeg Foundation, the Chalmers Foundation, and the Judy & Henny Jurriens Choreographic Fellowship.

Lead Dancer Zhang Yiyi:
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Zhang Yiyi is a famed dancer who has won the Young Dancer’s title at the 4th and the 5th Lotus Award Jiangsu provincial young dancer’s competition. She was enrolled in the 100 talented young artists introduction plan in Jiangsu Province. Red Bean in South China, a pas de deux performed by Zhang Yiyi won the award of Works of Excellence at Yangtze River Delta Dance Competition. She was also the lead dancer for The Red Crown Crane, Epic of Manas, Red Bean in South China, and Soul of Tianshan Mountainat Wuxi Song and Dance Theatre.

Lead Dancer Bai Yuhao:
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Bai Yuhao is an excellent young dancer graduated from the Art Academy of National Defense University. He won the first prize in Chinese traditional dance at National Vocational College Skills Competition. He was the lead dancer for Epic of Manas, Red Bean in South China, and Soul of Tianshan Mountainat Wuxi Song and Dance Theatre after he graduated from the university in 2018.

Lead Dancer Julia Jones-Whitehead:
Seeking 3.jpg
A native of Toronto, ON, Julia trained at and graduated from Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet School’s Professional Division. She was the inaugural recipient of the Evelyn Hart Scholarship in 2010, and received it again the following year. Following her two years as an Aspirant with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Julia joined Ballet Victoria. She has danced soloist and lead roles with Ballet Victoria
in Dracula, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Nutcracke, and Carmina Burana, to name a few. In 2018, Julia danced as a guest artist with Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet, where she performed in George Balanchine's Serenade. With Ballet Victoria, Julia has also danced in Luminous and 1490, both works by Peter Quanz, and she is thrilled to work with him again. In her spare time, Julia enjoys reading, listening to music, and turning her old
pointe shoes into works of art by painting them.

Lead Dancer Peter-Nicholas Taylor:
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Originally from Colborne Ontario, Peter-Nicholas started dancing at the age of three in Port Hope Ontario. He later joined the Quinte Ballet School of Canada for two years before starting his professional career at Ballet Victoria where he performed such roles as Arthur in Dracula, the Snow Prince in The Nutcracker, as well as Peter Pan’s Shadow and Smee in Peter Pan. He joined the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for one season as an apprentice where he performed in the Canadian premier of the Wizard of Oz, as well as roles in Romeo