[Lease transfer] One bedroom + one den high-end condo


Quiet and safe one bedroom + one den high-end condo for lease transfer.

The condo is owned and managed by Brigil. It's located in the heart of a beautiful neighbourhood - Kanata Lakes. With 10 minutes driving distance to the Kanata north high-tech area, less than 5 minutes to the Kanata centrum shopping centre, very short distance to other stores like Costco, Canadian Tire and Tanger Outlets, living here is super convenient for both your work and life.

Brigil, with all its reputation, does a very good job maintaining this property. They clean the common areas on a daily basis, so it's clean everywhere. Requiring access into the building makes it safe for you and your belongings. The sound insulation of the rooms is excellent as I never heard any noise from the neighbours (or simply because they are too nice to make any :D). You can find more details of Brigil from their website BRIGIL and the brochure in http://www.brigil.com/images/kanata-lakes/2019-12-17_Kanata_Lake_brochure_Communaute.pdf.

I plan to move out by the end of May since my new home is closing soon, hence I'm looking for someone to take over the lease from June (you need to sign the lease contract with Brigil). My lease with Brigil will end at August 31st, 2020, so there'll be 3 months left after I leave, but you're welcome to sign a new long-term lease with Brigil after if you're willing to. Or it would be a perfect temporary residence if you plan to move somewhere else later.

The rental is $1,925 monthly with all utilities (water, hydro, gas, internet) included. For the parking, it's $50 monthly for an outdoor parking spot or $110 monthly for an underground one. There's also a free storage area available in the underground garage and a free gym in the nearby building. I can offer a $500 incentive for you to take over the lease, or you can choose to keep my furniture (dining table & chairs, the sofa, the bed and mattress) instead so you can move in without having to bother buying them for such a short period.

SMS me via 343-996-5630 if you're interested.


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