Today, U.S. Ambassador Terry Branstad held his final press conference at the embassy.

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Here are his opening remarks:
As all of you may already know, I spoke to President Trump last weekend to confirm my decision to return to Iowa early next month. My wife Chris and I are sad to leave. We have very much enjoyed these past three years in China, getting to know the people here, and working to get right U.S.- China relations – the most consequential relationship in the world. I leave just as committed to this relationship as when I arrived. We have made significant progress over the last three years to reset and rebalance US-China relations, but there is still a lot of work to be done. We want a results oriented, constructive bilateral relationship based on fairness and reciprocity. In January, after months of difficult negotiations, we began the year with the signing of the historic Phase One Trade Agreement. Since then, we have had good engagement at all levels with China despite the challenges of the pandemic. Both sides see progress and are committed to taking steps necessary to ensure our trade is more balanced and fair. We have already seen tangible results with record Chinese purchases of U.S. corn, pork and beef. And progress on protecting intellectual property. The key is implementation of the agreement, which will help build mutual trust. The Phase one trade deal is an important road map, and if we continue to follow it, we will see meaningful, measurable, and positive changes in both countries. I am also encouraged by the close personal relationship Ambassador Lighthizer and Secretary Mnuchin have with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He. Both sides are committed to keeping the relationship on track. We have also made progress in the public health sector. After months of hard work, negotiations and cooperation China agreed to classify Fentanyl and its derivatives as controlled substances and China’s law enforcement agencies have been working with ours to stop the illicit shipments of this dangerous opioid to the U.S. This will likely save thousands of lives in the U.S. With regards to security, the U.S. remains committed to advancing peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region. And, we urge all countries, including China, to respect international law, including freedom of navigation in the South China Seas. We will also continue to contribute to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, and we continue to call on both sides to engage in peaceful dialogue. China has made remarkable progress in its development over the past several decades. I believe that the Chinese people’s work ethic, commitment to education and family, and entrepreneurial spirit has fueled this country’s growth. The U.S. is not seeking to contain China – we want to see China prosper and be a constructive supporter of the global system. We have a shared responsibility to help reset this important relationship, so it is reciprocal, fair, and sustainable in the long term and will ensure stability for our two nations and for the world. Although I will be retiring, I am confident that my deputy, Rob Forden, serving as Chargé d’affaires, and our talented team in Mission China will continue this important work.

我想你们都已经知道,我上周末与特朗普总统通了话,确认了我下月初返回艾奥瓦州的决定。我的夫人Chris和我对于离开感到难过。我们非常喜欢过去三年在中国的时光,认识这里的人,努力调整好美中关系 – 这是世界上最重要的关系。对于这一关系,我离任之时和到任时抱着同样全心奉献的精神。过去三年多里,我们在重设和重新平衡美中关系上,已经取得了重大进展,但还有很多工作要做。我们想要有个以公平对等为基础,以结果为导向,具有建设性的双边关系。 经过数个月的艰难谈判,我们在今年一月签署了具有历史意义的第一阶段贸易协议。自那时起,尽管疫情带来了挑战,但我们在所有层面都与中国有良好的接触。双方都看到进展,并致力于采取必要步骤来确保我们的贸易更加平衡、公平。我们已经看到切实的结果,中方购买美国玉米、猪肉和牛肉破纪录,知识产权保护上取得进展。关键在于协议的执行,有了执行能帮助打造互信。第一阶段贸易协议是一份重要的路线图。如果我们继续遵循这一路线图,我们将会在两国都看到有意义、可衡量并且积极的变化。 罗伯特·莱特希泽(Robert Lighthizer)大使和斯蒂芬·马努钦(Steven Mnuchin)部长与中国副总理刘鹤之间紧密的个人关系,也令我感到鼓舞。双方都致力于维持这一关系于正轨。 我们在公共卫生领域也有进展。经过数月的努力工作、艰难的谈判与合作,中国同意将芬太尼及其衍生物列为管控物质,中国的执法部门开始与我们的执法部门合作,阻挡这个危险的类阿片物质非法输送到美国。这有可能在美国拯救数千名生命。 在安全方面,美国依然致力于推进印度-太平洋地区的和平及安全。并且,我们敦促包含中国在内的所有国家尊重国际法,包括南中国海的航行自由。我们也会继续对台湾海峡的安全及稳定做出贡献,我们持续呼吁双方以和平对话的方式接触。 中国在过去几十年里,在发展上取得了出色的进展。我相信,中国人的职业道德、对教育和家庭的注重,以及企业家精神推助了这个国家的增长。美国并不寻求要围堵中国 –-我们想要看到中国繁荣,做一个全球体系具有建设性的支持方。我们有共同的责任,重设此一重要关系,让它长期下去可以对等、公平,可持续,这将会确保我们两国和全世界的稳定。 虽然我要卸任了,我有信心我的副手Rob Forden, 作为代办,以及我们驻华使团人才济济的团队将会继续这份重要工作。


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