Mayor Watson and Councillor Kavanagh sign Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity


During International Women’s Day celebrations today, Mayor Jim Watson and Councillor Theresa Kavanagh, City Council’s Liaison for Women and Gender Equity, announced the signing of Electricity Human Resources Canada’s (EHRC) Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity.

Signing of the Accord demonstrates the City of Ottawa’s public commitment to promoting gender diversity and equity within the corporation. Developed and launched by EHRC in 2017, the Accord proposes united action by employers, educators, unions and governments to expand the breadth and depth of the skilled workforce. These actions are designed to ensure that women are informed of the opportunities available in the sector of their choice and, once employed, are fully supported and provided with equal opportunities to grow and develop to their full potential.

As the national capital of Canada, the City of Ottawa is proud to be a leader in gender diversity and employment practices. The Accord is another step in the City’s commitment to fostering a gender-equitable workplace. This builds on other initiatives, including the implementation of the City’s Women and Gender Equity Strategy (WGES) that was developed to ensure that the City of Ottawa’s services, strategies and plans integrate a women and gender lens and promote women and gender equity. The WGES includes a systematic framework that sets corporate and departmental goals and defines commitments of women and gender equity for Phase One of its implementation in 2021-2022.


“Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion is an important focus of the City of Ottawa. I am proud to have signed the Electricity Human Resources Canada Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity to demonstrate our commitment to promoting gender diversity and equity within our organization and building a workforce that is truly representative of Canada’s people.”

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson

“The Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity is an opportunity for the City of Ottawa to affirm its commitment to gender diversity and equity in the workplace. We are pleased to mark International Women’s Day with a further step in our organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion journey.”

Councillor Theresa Kavanagh, Ottawa City Council’s Liaison for Women and Gender Equity

“Few of us reach our goals without the support of others. The Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity was designed to support a leadership commitment that brings all voices to the table and we are delighted to have the City of Ottawa make this commitment today.”

Michelle Branigan, CEO, Electricity Human Resources Canada

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