Committee approves variety of infill projects


The City’s Planning Committee today approved zoning amendments for several developments taking different approaches to intensification. Plans like these to add new dwellings in existing, built-up parts of Ottawa will be critical to accommodate population growth.

On Cooper Street, the Committee approved a proposal to convert seven storeys of old office space to an eight-storey apartment building. By adding an eighth floor and renovating the interior, the applicant would add 45 units to this established, walkable neighbourhood.

Further west, at Byron and Lockhart avenues, the Committee approved a proposal to add a three-storey apartment building within the parking area shared by five existing low-rise apartment buildings. The sixth building would add 13 units to the 30 already available within the development, increasing the housing supply by more than 40 per cent.

In Vanier, the Committee approved an amendment to permit a nine-storey apartment building on Gardner Avenue, a residential street that backs onto Vanier Parkway at McArthur Avenue. The applicant plans to replace two single-family homes with 61 units, significantly increasing housing options in this established neighbourhood. The amendment would increase permitted height to nine storeys from the eight currently allowed.

Beyond the Pale Brewing Company could soon expand their business in the City Centre plaza after the Committee approved a zoning application for this small local business. The amendment would allow the brewery to continue its operation and proceed with plans to add about 200 square metres to its restaurant space with a mezzanine. It would also allow potential future expansion to adjacent space within the plaza.

Recommendations from today’s Planning Committee meeting will rise to Council on Wednesday, April 14.