Committee updated on intelligent transportation progress in Ottawa


Ottawa remains at the forefront of innovation in traffic and mobility, as detailed in a report to the City’s Transportation Committee, received today. The report outlines ongoing pilot projects related to connected and automated vehicles and intelligent transportation systems.

In recent years, the City has piloted the use of innovative technology to improve and expand transportation services for Ottawa’s residents and visitors. These projects included piloting a mobile commuting app and developing the fuel-saving EcoDrive II app. Ongoing projects include the private test tracks for connected and automated vehicles at Area X.O, public test tracks and a new smart intersection in Kanata, adaptive traffic signals, upgrades to traveller information systems and a series of upcoming pilots with local companies.

The City is also updating its Transportation System Management Action Plan to identify new short, medium and long-term initiatives that would help achieve the goals of the Official Plan and Transportation Master Plan. Staff anticipate delivering the updated plan in early 2023.

The Committee approved a statement of work for an environmental assessment study for a future transit priority section of St. Laurent Boulevard, between Hemlock and Innes roads. This project will extend the transit priority measures adopted in 2017 for St. Laurent Boulevard between Innes and Smyth roads.

The study will identify measures that could help meet transit ridership demand to the year 2046. It will also include a review of pedestrian and cycling facilities and incorporate complete street elements.