Take advantage of open swim certification spots this summer


Summer is a great time to take advantage of the available openings in the City’s swimming certification programs. Completing an aquatic certification program is also a major personal achievement for a young person. And that foot in the pool can lead to a foot in the door for employment opportunities at the City of Ottawa.

Certification registration for the summer is now open and the courses include bronze star, bronze medallion, bronze cross, first aid, and national lifeguard courses. All courses have been COVID-19 modified to meet current restrictions.

These certifications have developed the talented youth who have helped you and family members acquire essential swimming skills and supervised your pool activities over the years. Now is the time to encourage young people you know to either continue with or start to develop lifesaving and leadership skills which provides valuable experience in decision-making, water safety management and handling responsibility.

Bronze Star

This is an excellent course for those who want to earn their Bronze Medallion but do not meet the 13-years-of-age requirement. Participants must be comfortable swimming a minimum of 300 meters continuously. It prepares participants for timed swims and provides a foundation for lifesaving rescue skills.

Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid with CPR-B Prerequisite:

For current Bronze Star holders or candidates who will be 13-years-old by exam time, the course develops lifesaving skills in complex water-rescue situations. It builds physical fitness, stroke efficiency and decision-making skills.

Bronze Cross

The prerequisites for this course are Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid. Training includes an introduction to safe supervision in aquatic facilities and distinguishes the difference between lifeguarding and lifesaving.

Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid, CPR-C and AED

Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid are the prerequisites for this combined course that certifies participants in both Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid. It focuses on emergency procedures, teamwork, use of special equipment and comprehensive first aid and CPR training.

Standard First Aid with CPR and AED Recertification

A Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid certificate within 36 months of the certification date are the prerequisites for this clinic that recertifies Lifesaving Standard First Aid, CPR C and AED. Previous certification must be from a full course and not a recertification clinic.

National Lifeguard

Candidates must be 15-years-old by the last day of the course and hold a Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid certification. This nationally recognized program focuses on teamwork, leadership, communication, accident prevention, and management of aquatic emergencies.

National Lifeguard Recertification

This recertification tests the required lifeguarding skills and knowledge in order to maintain current certification at the National Lifeguard level.

Airway Management

Standard First Aid is required for this course that provides lifeguards with specific knowledge and training in the use of oxygen and advanced equipment.

Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Part 1

Candidates need to be 15-years-old by the last day of this course. A current Bronze Cross is not required, but the individual must have the ability to perform to the equivalence of the Red Cross Swim Kids 10 strokes and skills. The course involves online module learning and a minimum of eight hours teaching experience outside of course time. Manuals and online access are included in the fee and 100 per cent attendance is mandatory.

Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Part 2

Candidates must be 15-years-old by the last day of the course and require proof of completion for Water Safety Instructor Part 1,including the stroke and skill evaluation form signed off, the online workbook completed and eight hours of teaching experience signed off with completed teaching experience journal. The course further prepares candidates to instruct the Red Cross Swim programs. It involves both classroom and pool sessions, as well as the adapted aquatic module to meet the hiring requirements for City of Ottawa aquatic staff.

Training done at indoor and outdoor facilities – with COVID protocols in place

All COVID protocols and measures have been incorporated into the training.

For full course details and registration, visit ottawa.ca/recreation. Make a splash this summer for personal achievement and future employment opportunities.