Ready, set, scoot! E-scooter pilot reaches milestone for completed trips


Electric kick scooters are a convenient and fun way to travel Ottawa’s bike lanes and streets. This year, residents are taking more trips than ever before through the City’s shared e-scooter pilot project.

Since the season launched on Friday, May 28, riders have completed more than 200,000 trips on shared e-scooters in Ottawa, travelling more than 346,000 kilometres. The pilot project has averaged 1,085 e-scooter trips per day, with an average trip length of 1.8 kilometres.

The pilot is now in its second year and includes 1,200 shared e-scooters, provided by Bird Canada, Lime and Neuron, available to ride in an expanded central deployment area. Shared e-scooters offer a personal mobility option that produces little emission and can help reduce car trips, aligning with the City’s climate change objectives.

Ready to roll? Check out these tips, tricks and tools before your next trip.

Scoot with safety

When riding an e-scooter, always be courteous to residents on sidewalks and other road users. You are not permitted to operate e-scooters on sidewalks. Always ride in single file and only ride one person per scooter. Follow the rules of the road and travel on the City’s multi-use pathways, cycle tracks, bike lanes and roads with a speed limit no higher than 50 kilometres per hour.

The Electric Kick Scooter By-Law allows for Ottawa Police Services to issue fines for violations, such as a $150 fine for sidewalk riding. E-scooter providers can suspend or ban riders for violations.

Scooter parking 101

Safe and courteous parking means parking e-scooters upright in the sidewalk furniture zone. That’s the area closest to the curb, in line with trees, benches and bike racks. It’s important to park out of the way of sidewalk travel, wheelchairs, mobility devices and strollers.

If a street doesn’t have a furniture zone, scoot to the nearest street with a furniture zone to park and finish your trip by foot. E-scooter providers have also identified preferred parking locations, which you can see in their apps.

Did you know that riders are given perks for parking e-scooters in preferred parking locations? That includes discounts on future rides! Parking your e-scooter incorrectly, however, can result in a fine directly from the provider. Visit for more information on proper parking in a sidewalk furniture zone.

Person parking an e-scooter on a sidewalk while people walk by.

Map your trip

Planning a safe and smooth trip just got easier with the new interactive e-scooter map. Riders can click through the map to see the 2021 e-scooter deployment area. You will also see no-ride zones and slow-ride zones. Riders can also explore the City’s network of cycling facilities and multi-use pathways using the Official Cycling Map.

Looking for trip inspiration? Try mapping your way to one of Ottawa’s Business Improvement Areas, which are popular stops for many e-scooter riders this year. E-scooters are a great way to visit local businesses and support Ottawa’s economic recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Riding and parking your e-scooter properly will help make our streets and sidewalks safe for everyone. Let’s roll, Ottawa!

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