Committee approves first steps for new Zoning By-law


The City’s Planning Committee today approved a budget and resources needed to prepare a new Zoning By-law consistent with the New Official Plan.

The Zoning By-law will implement the policies of the New Official Plan, which Council adopted on Wednesday, October 27 to guide the use and development of land in Ottawa over the next 25 years. Most of the $8.3-million budget to develop the by-law would be funded through a new development charge to pay for work to prepare growth-related zoning provisions stemming from the New Official Plan.

Additional funding of about $700,000 would be required from the City’s operating budget to pay for the staff time to prepare the document within the timeframe prescribed by the Planning Act. The approved plan would see new Zoning By-law in place by end of 2024. Ottawa needs to adopt a new Zoning By-law no more than three years after the Province approves the City’s New Official Plan. That approval is anticipated in early 2022.

The three-year period will ensure that residents, community associations and other stakeholders have time to provide input about changes within their communities from current zoning regulations. As staff prepare the new by-law, the City will continue to consult, including on customized approaches for intensification in all of Ottawa’s neighbourhoods.

On Riverside Drive, the Committee approved a height increase to permit a new seven-storey apartment building. The building would be on the north side of the existing St. Patrick’s Home long-term care facility.

Recommendations from today’s meeting will rise to Council on Wednesday, November 10.